We are looking for illustrators!
What we are looking for?
Please, read our requirements below.
Image creation goals:
We propose to create images reflecting characters of the project through a new form of presentation based on the illustrators' impressions and his/her impartial perception. The heroes are to be presented as perceived by people not involved in the project. It is also about giving the audience a final impression of the hero and enabling them to compare it to their personal perception and the picture of the hero as viewed by the illustrators.

The intended use of illustrations:
Initially, the artwork is expected to be used for publication on social media and the main web site. Later, a number of illustrations may be included into the project's final printed products (it will be later discussed with the illustrators whose images will be chosen).
Please send your work as PNG or TIFF images without compression, in no less than 4000x4000px resolution. We also appreciate vector graphics, if the image is created digitally.

Participation conditions
This is a voluntary social project developed by professionals who are eager to improve the world through making it more friendly to the physically challenged. The name of each illustrator will be displayed on social media along the illustrations used and, more importantly, the person will be part of the project team. Printed publication conditions will be additionally negotiated.

The final number of artworks
Each illustrator is expected to submit 3-5 illustrations.
The minimum general requirement is 1 image per hero.

The picture format
A square, thrombus or rectangular (horizontal drawing) picture appropriate for printing 30 by 30 centimeter

The preference of the style and technique
Graphic, lines, watercolor
No excessively bright colors.
The style is flexible. It's important to display your perception of a hero, their appearance and atmosphere in your own way.
Copying a photo is strongly prohibited. The idea is to show an impression of a shoot. It can be a depiction of a shooting location, a portrait in a different scale (compared to the photo of the hero) or a sketch of the backstage area of the shoot and the team responsible for photos and videos.

Should the real heroes be displayed or do we just provide a general idea to work with?
Express the atmosphere of the chosen theme of a shooting, its entourage or even a general view of a city or a landscape. Don't add the hero's personal details into the artwork or copy their appearance. You may sketch the backstage area of a shooting.

The deadline:
Submission of one drawing per week is encouraged. Please send the first illustration in the first two weeks of June. The final deadline is up to the illustrator. We are happy to work with you!
We respect and admire your work and are looking forward to a productive and pleasant cooperation.
Be with us
To be the first who gets the most important project's news, to see the new heroes, to receive the invitation for the exhibition
I agree to the terms and conditions.